Dr. Aslan Gotov- BM., MA., PhD.
Teacher, Renowned Composer and Arranger


Dr. Aslan Gotov is a highly experienced music teacher, renowned composer and arranger. After graduating from music school he attended the pop-jazz Department College of Arts in Rostov-on-Don, and then the Rostov State Conservatory. In 1993, he received the recommendation for admission to graduate school, and joined the department of pop-jazz music in the Rostov State Conservatory, majoring in jazz composition and orchestration in the class of People’s Artist of the USSR under professor, composer and conductor Murad Kazhlaev. In 2002, Aslan moved to Moscow where he became a deputy director and arranger for Yu. Silantiev Academic Grand Concert Orchestra. The whole period of its activity as a composer and arranger he successfully combined with teaching classical and pop-jazz piano.


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