Aslan Gotov

A reputable Canadian-Russian composer and music arranger, Aslan Gotov, is an outstanding musician and educator with unlimited...
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Sheet music, scores

Please, find some Sheet music, scores in different format. Video may take time to stream depending upon the speed of your connection.

2021. “Immersive Nutcracker”

Aslan adapted and sophisticatedly arranged Tchaikovsky’s ingenious score of “Immersive Nutcracker” in a modern, innovative digital format for a magical experience in Toronto and all...
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Music is adding another dimension in our life.

World Academy of Music – Music School

Dr. Aslan Gotov- BM., MA., PhD. Teacher, Renowned Composer and Arranger   Dr. Aslan Gotov is a highly experienced music teacher, renowned composer and arranger. After graduating from music school he attended the pop-jazz Department College of Arts in Rostov-on-Don, and then the Rostov State Conservatory. In 1993, he received the recommendation for admission to graduate school, and joined the department of pop-jazz music in the Rostov State Conservatory, majoring...

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Album "Hymn to the Sun"

  The idea to record this album was born a few years ago: still working in the ensemble "Oshten" Aslan began experimenting with Circassian folk music. These were the arrangements of folk songs and melodies in the styles of jazz-rock and fusion. Later, while living and working in Moscow, they were created instrumental arrangements of folk melodies, which formed the basis for the album. READ MORE


2013, Ballet “Hymn to the Sun”

In 2013, Aslan Gotov creates the ballet "Hymn to the Sun" for the Opera and Ballet Theater of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Russia, Nalchik.


2007. Alexander Dobronravov

2007, orchestration of the concert program "How evenings are ravishing in Russia" of popular composer and singer Alexander Dobronravov.

2007. Alexander Dobronravov

June 2007. Joseph Kobzon

June 2007, a solo album of the People's Artist of USSR Joseph Kobzon, for recording, dedicated to his 70-th anniversary, was arranged by Aslan Gotov

June 2007. Joseph Kobzon